How to find your Flow with Mira pilates level.

get started introduction to pilates Nov 18, 2022


Welcome, I'm really excited about you starting your pilates journey with me.

Finding a level is not about rising up as quickly as possible to becoming advanced. But finding which level will bring you the best results and in the shortest period of time.

I have seen many beginners master the basics. Achieving health, energy and a body they love.

Here are my 5 tips for choosing your FMW level.


1. How long have you been practicing pilates?
You can not replace time and experience on the pilates mat. Here is a guide for where to start.

0-6 months    Absolute Beginner Level
6 months - 2 years    Beginner Level
2-5 years    Intermediate Level


2. Do you have an injury?
Please consult your doctor or your medical professional before starting.

Be aware of any limitation or restriction your body may have and modify your practice accordingly.
If you have a serious injury or condition, I recommend you start as an Absolute Beginner. Progressing consciously and carefully is the key getting yourself healthy.


3. Are you physically active 3 times per week?
If the answer is no. Start a level lower than you have been practicing.

If you start too low, you will zoom through the classes. Breathing, control and precision are what will get you results.

The lower the level the more time you get to focus on these key elements.


4. Can you engage to transverse abdominal muscles (TVA) with diaphragmatic breathing?
If the answer is no, please start by visiting the 30 Day Pre Pilates program to introduce yourself to the TVA engagement.


5. Consistency is key.
Consistency in your practice is the number one way to get quick results.

Find a comfortable level where you build a sustainable practice.

The lower level classes are generally shorter and will make it easier to be consistent on the mat.


I hope this helps you find the best level to get the results you have always wanted.

Keep moving and good things will happen,
Mira xxx